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Astaghfirallah… Bismillahi Tawakkaltu al-Allah wala haula wa la quata illa billah.---And It is Only Allah Who grants success. May Allah Exalt the mention of His slave and Messenger Muhammad, and render him, his household and companion safe from Evil.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Purification of the Soul - Envy (hasad) [11/25] - Abu Abdissalaam

Reflecting on matters concerning the soul and how to purify it.

Purification of the Soul with Sheikh Abu Abdissalaam on HUDA TV. Episode 11/25

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said,“Iman and hasad do not gather together in the heart of a slave [of Allah].”[Recorded by al-Nasai. According to al-Albani, it is sahih. See al-Albani, Sahih al-Jami, vol. 2, p. 1262.]

Volume 7, Book 71, Number 635:Narrated Um Salama: That the Prophet saw in her house a girl whose face had a black spot. He said. "She is under the effect of an evil eye; so treat her with a Ruqya."Hadith on Hasad from al-Bukhari

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 590: Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:The Prophet used to seek Refuge with Allah for Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and say: "Your forefather (i.e. Abraham) used to seek Refuge with Allah for Ishmael and Isaac by reciting the following: 'O Allah! I seek Refuge with Your Perfect Words from every devil and from pois...onous pests and from every evil, harmful, envious eye.' " Hadith on Hasad from al-Bukhari

This is why Allah guides the Muslims not to simply seek refuge of the envious one, but to seek refuge of the envious one when he is being envious. Allah says, “From the evil of the envious one when he envies” (al-Falaq 5). [Quoted in al-Salihi, vol. 6, p. 529.]

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