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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt ~ Revolution! (English translation)

Arabic - English translation ~
security forces clash with protesters on the day of anger (text)
"egypt" clap clap "egypt" then chants not clear but "freedom" in there
tag on the wall reads "down down hosni mubarak" (yaskot yaskot hosni mubarak)
man telling the police beating "no no no stop stop stop" and also raising his hands "don't be scared" other "stop"
when a protesters is injured on the head "is anybody filming this?"
then they are raising there hands saying "peaceful, peaceful", police responds by beating (sounds familiar? )
when there is gas on the floor "careful, careful"
when the man gets injured in the head "is anyone filming what's happening here?"
when the man gets out of the fire truck someone shouts "he's with us"
clap clap clap "egypt"
jumping in front of the police saying "we're sitting, we're sitting= we're staying, we're staying"

interview (Assem Mahmoud): " I am here because of the higher education they tell you about and then when you graduate there is no jobs, they say you're not qualified, not qualified? but you're the ones who taught me! You [the government] go and get workers from outside and we don't work. I went into the army and lost one year of my life, when I came out there was no jobs. It's just too much. This is why I'm here, I'm here demanding my rights. And we want fair elections. I don't want to go down from my house to vote and find the security forces and the police standing and beating me up."

Samira: "I would like there to be democracy in our country, and freedom, and that the youth may have a chance in life, instead of the corruption and the contacts. We want everyone to take what's due to them [what is their right]"

before the guy speaks "we want silence people"
"The energy is there and it will remain there until we get our demands. We stay in the square and we organise. The day is long and we are all in the square with the demand of change in Egypt."

man with blood on his forehead: "People, people, the people over there are alone, hey"

"The people demands the end of the status quo [the way things are, the system]"

Abu Ayman Iss, editor in chief (i think) of the newspaper "el dostor": I am sharing the youth's demands and the demonstration. My position and my opinion is very clear which shows that the egyptian people refuse corruption, torture, rigged elections. This is the real voice of the people of egypt, the voice that is coming from the heart of Tahrir square. And the police is using extreme force."
(poster says: "the youth are coming")

old man with MASSIVE SMILE on his face :) Kamal Abou Itta chairperson of the independent tax collectors union "OUR PEOPLE ARE HERE" (like finally, our people is here) We still have life, the smell of Tunisia came to us to free our country. Inchallah, we will stay here until we change this system and we better the life in egypt, and solve our problems, and until we restore the dignity of our people"

"we are distributing (bread) to the people so they can stay determined"

"The people demand the end of the system"

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