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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sign Petition - After Palestine Papers, Abbas and PLO leadership must resign and be held accountable! ~ Window Into Palestine

Sign Petition - After Palestine Papers, Abbas and PLO leadership must resign and be held accountable! ~ Window Into Palestine

US Palestinian Community Network

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Sign Petition: Our will is unbroken – Abbas and PLO leadership must resign and be held accountable!



We begin with resolve: Palestine will be free and the Palestinian refugees will return.

From Chicago, New York, London, Berlin and Santiago, to Nahr El-Bared, Bourj al-Barajneh, Yarmouk, and Baqa'a, to Rafah, Nazareth, al-'Araqib, Jenin, Jerusalem, and Balata, the Palestinian people watched in disgust as the treachery unfolded of a leadership that claimed to speak in their name. Each day, another blow; each day, a confirmation of what we all knew, what we all suspected. And yet, the blows were still crushing; grinding into us the full scale of shameless collaboration and collusion with settler colonial and imperial powers.

Our history of revolutionary struggle, our boundless energy, our infinite love for our land and our people rejects, fully and unequivocally, this betrayal of our tens of thousands of martyrs, our prisoners, our youth, and the principles on which our liberation stands: the inalienable rights of an indigenous people and our sovereign nation.

Our response will not be depression nor dejection. Our response will be what our people's response has always been, to always fight and never give up. Our response will be renewed commitment, to a full uprooting of all that is rotten; and a re-growth of our democratic institutions and politics.

Let us remind ourselves of the aims of the Palestine Liberation Organization: to unite the Palestinian people and in doing so, liberate Palestine.

We embrace the spirit of national unity of the National Reconciliation Document issued by Palestinian prisoners in 2006, and affirm that if the PLO does not execute the will of all the Palestinian people, in exile and in the homeland, we will make it so it does.


1. The immediate resignation of Mahmud Abbas from the PLO;

2. The immediate resignation of all members of the current Palestine National Council (PNC), the legislative body with the authority to create policy and strategy, and the Executive Committee of the PLO, for either their unwillingness or inability to stop the present leadership from endangering the Palestinian cause;

3. The establishment of a transitional national leadership body composed of representatives of all segments of the Palestinian people in preparation for new PNC elections;

4. The complete boycott of all individuals and groups affiliated with or representing the present regime of collaboration in Ramallah, including its outposts in the United States and the diaspora.

There will be full accountability for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people, both the crimes of the colonizer, and for all those who were killed and tortured in the name of acquiescence to the dictates of the occupier.

Our national unity and the reclamation of our national institutions will be the road to that accountability.

Let us take heed the calls of emancipation, from the rooftops of Tunis and the squares of Cairo, to the streets of San'a and the dungeons of the occupier, and remember that we all have the power to demand, to fight, and to free.

Wherever you are, mobilize, connect, organize, rally, coordinate, and demonstrate.

We end with declaration: We are the Palestinian people. We will shape our own destiny, and we will usher forth our victory.

Click here to sign on!

Click here to sign on!

The US Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) is a grassroots community network with over twenty democratically-elected chapters. The network affirms the right of Palestinians in the Shatat (exile) to participate fully in shaping our destiny. USPCN is anchored in the following objectives:

  • Self-determination and equality for the Palestinian people;
  • The right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes, lands, properties and villages (an inalienable right supported by international law and UN Resolution 194);
  • Ending Zionist occupation and colonization of Palestine.

USPCN is an arena and platform for Palestinian communities to come together, coordinate, refine strategies, link efforts, plan united actions, and inform one another and the community about their work for Palestine. www.palestineconference.org

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