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Astaghfirallah… Bismillahi Tawakkaltu al-Allah wala haula wa la quata illa billah.---And It is Only Allah Who grants success. May Allah Exalt the mention of His slave and Messenger Muhammad, and render him, his household and companion safe from Evil.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trust Allah ...

The Evil one threatens you with poverty and bids you to conduct unseemly.God promises you His forgiveness and bounties.And Allah cares for all and He knows all things(Suratu 'I-Baqara(The Cow),2:268

The Prophet s.a.w was worried about the position of his Community in the next world, not for what its members have in this world.When people asked him about how to conduct their trade, he gave them directions, and when that trade failed, they came protesting to the Prophet s.a.w.He said ,"I am teaching you to build your life for the next world, not for this world."'' He taught us not to ask him for this life, but to ask for the Hereafter.When you do not know, when you are heedless of Allah's plan that you must summit to, then you carry all the worries of life.

The Messenger of God s.a.w is reported to have said:

Say often,"There is no strength nor power except God."Surely Say often, "There is no strength no power except God."Surely it is a treasure from Heaven, and in it is a healing for every malady, least of which anxiety.

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