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Astaghfirallah… Bismillahi Tawakkaltu al-Allah wala haula wa la quata illa billah.---And It is Only Allah Who grants success. May Allah Exalt the mention of His slave and Messenger Muhammad, and render him, his household and companion safe from Evil.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cry of Nabi [SAW]

Angel Jibrail (AS) explains jahanam to the Prophet (SAW) in the early stages of his Prophethood. Explains the intensity of hell which gets our beloved Prophet (SAW) very emotional. Today we have forgotten how sever the punishment is. Today we are not paying any attention to the sins we are committing and we have made these sins as if they are permissible. Although we are committing these atrocious sins our Merciful Allah still provides us with food to eat, money to use etc. may Allah forgive us and help us all!

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