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Astaghfirallah… Bismillahi Tawakkaltu al-Allah wala haula wa la quata illa billah.---And It is Only Allah Who grants success. May Allah Exalt the mention of His slave and Messenger Muhammad, and render him, his household and companion safe from Evil.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Proof of The People of Lut Destroyed by Allah!

The people of Sodom and Gomorrah, the twin cities which Lut was sent to with Allah's message, transgressed consciously against the bounds of God. However the names of Sodom and Gomorrah are not explicitly mentioned in the Qur'an. Their avarice led to inhospitality and robbery, which in turn led to the humiliation of strangers by mistreatment and rape. It was their abominable sin of homosexuality which was seen as symptomatic of their attitudes,[14][15] and upon Lut's exhorting them to abandon their transgression against Allah, they ridiculed him[16], threatening with dire consequences;[15][17][18] Lut only prayed to Allah to be saved from doing as they did.[19] With reference to this event an Arabic expression for homosexuals is derived from the name for the people of Lot or Lut (in Arabic);

Then Angels in the disguise of handsome young boys came to Lut, who became distressed knowing the character of the people, and feeling himself powerless to protect the visitors; he said: "This is a distressful day."[20] When the people - overjoyed at the news of new young boys in the village - came to snatch them away from Lut[21], he tried to convince them to refrain from practicing their lusts on the visitors, and offered his own daughters to them in return for the boys' free release[22][23], but they were unrelenting and replied "we have no need of your daughters: indeed you know quite well what we want!"[24] The Qur'an remarks "... they moved blindly in the frenzy of approaching death".

Lut was powerless to protect the boys, but they revealed to him that they were indeed angels sent by Allah to punish the people for their transgressions. They advised Lut to leave the place during the night and not look back, informing him that his wife would be left behind on account of her sinful nature[26] and that they "...were about to bring down upon the folk of this township a fury from the sky because they are evil-doers". Keeping his faith in Allah, Lut left his home and the cities during the night.

When morning came[29][30], Allah 'turned the cities upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer'[31][32][33] putting an end to the lives of the people and describing it as "So taste ye My Wrath and My Warning!" in the Qur'an.[34] The Qur'an refers to the sites of Sodom and Gomorrah as 'signs for those who understand by example', those who 'care to understand' and those who 'fear a grievous penalty or a painful doom'.[35][36][37] The Qur'an also uses the story as an example stating "And most surely you pass by them (the cities) by the day, and at night; do you not then understand?"[38]

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