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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dr. Alfredo Maiolese Italian Minister Converted To ISLAM

On Iqra TV: Dr. Alfredo Maiolese The Italian Minister of The International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP)Converted To ISLAM.
He embraced Islam as he was in Saudi Arabia and now is seeking to improve the image of Islam in the Western world.

The Translation:

I want to say a very important thing;
when I became a Muslim,
I said to myself I should do something to introduce Islam
In Italy as Im Italian
Because all of them are anti-islam
But I have to take a position and a rank in order to strengthen what I say
And I prayed to Allah (SWT) with that prayer to grant me this position
Until Allah (SWT) ordained these international meetings.
where there were prime-ministers, ministers, and diplomats
So I made a contribution as an Italian Muslim
Because Im very proud to be a Muslim
And I dont disguise or hide this
And I want to carry this message and convey it to the others
For everyone to understand that anyone can deliver this message
During these meeting I talked about the relations that should be between Muslims and Christians
And the minister of parliament for international security and peace asked me to come later and told me that all of them talked but you are the one who entered my heart
What you said aiming to unite people
So I supplicated Allah (SWT) that this international parliament for peace would be accessible to me
And that is not easy
And after the supplication to Allah (SWT), [interviewer: MA Shaa Allah, you always supplicate with yaqeen] they chose me as a minister and ambassador
So I said to myself I must make use of my position for the interest of Islam.
interviewer: and that statement?
When the pope said this statement that Islam was spread by force which was misinterpreted
I called Rome to someone who is close to pope secretary
And told him if a Muslim in the street or a Christian in the street make this statement, theres no problem
But if a Mufti from KSA, Kuwait, or Egypt or from any other country tells this statement
Or the pope who represent the international Christianity, rather than spreading the peace, it will create war, breakup and hatred..
And we are not here to spread hatred
Many of our Christian friends, they are our brothers, because they are descendents of Adam (PBUH)
We must be, at this moment, united
Then the pope after 20 days of this call, invited the Muslim ambassadors from Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco and from all countries (Im very happy --- speaks in Arabic)
Interviewer: Happy of that invitation?
Very happy of this ..
And I wanted that KSA will have good relations with.
Im, as you see, very attached to KSA
As if I was reborn in the KSA
Interviewer: because you became a Muslim in KSA?
Interviewer: I want you to continue but after this cut?
Interviewer: Dr. Alfredo, the Italian minister, the international minister you said that you were touched when you first heard the ATHAN, and you regret that you dont hear it in Europe
[In Arabic} The first time I was in KSA and at that time I was not a Muslim.
I hear the ATHAN, Subhan Allah, even though I was not a Muslim, there was a light in.
Interviewer: there was an effect .
Subhan Allah, after becoming Muslim, Im very delighted , .. in Italy there is no masjjids theres no Athan, and every time I travel to an Arabic or Muslim country I hear HAYA 3ala SALAT (come to prayer come to success) this is a word that Allah says InShaa Allah if we follow the path of prophet (PBUH) we will take our way to paradise
And I hope all Muslims (and Musilmahs) will be in paradise In Shaa Allah.
Interviewer: how many times did you go to Mecca or for Hajj?
Prior to Islam (During Jaheleya) I went everywhere, and now time is precious , Inshaa Allah Ill go everywhere to the end of the world and InShaaAllah there wil be time for Da3wah to Allah
Ill go to Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Turkey All of it to be a call for Allah, Pakistan, India, UAE, and Bahrain
Subhan Allah I went to 3omrah 10 times, and Hajj twice
One with my wife and the other alone with Kuwaiti people.
Im very happy during month of Ramadan, Subhan Allah. In Italy you dont feel the spirit during Ramadan, the blessed month, I love to pray Taraweeh, tahajjud in the Ka3bah and drink from Zamzam water.
Interviewer: thank you Mr. minister and ½ minute, what do you say Muslims? What do you request from Muslims?
I ask Muslims, InShaa Allah I wish to give the people of the book and to Mankind a good image of Muslims
After Muhammad (PBUH) theres no prophets, we are the ambassadors of Islam,
We InShaa ALLAH give good image, call for Allah,
My thoughts is not the thoughts of fighting, but my thoughts is like those of Muhammad (PBUH) that Islam will be everywhere around the world. Thats what I think of.
Interviewer: We Ask Allah(SWT) to fulfill you wishes and we would be messengers and ambassadors of Islam, give this shining image of this religion, and make use of these faithful experiences. And Peace be unto you.

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