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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video: Ohio Mosque Receives E-Mail Threat (CAIR)

The FBI is investigating a new threat made to members of a Clifton Islamic mosque. The mosque received a threatening email over the weekend. This is the same mosque where two pipe bombs were detonated nearly five years ago to the day, on December 20, 2005. Now members fear for their safety.

The Islamic Associated of Cincinnati says the email read, "You should know you that you are not wanted in Cincinnati. We don't want you here. Mohamed is a joke. Go back to your desert. Beware-we may just declare Jihad on you."

"It's scary. It makes you worry about going to the mosque, worried about your family going to the mosque." Many of the mosque's members were born and raised in Cincinnati.

Karen Dabdo grew up in Anderson Township and blames the threat on rising anti-Muslim sentiment. "Attacks on individuals, attacks on houses of worship, those are on the increase and that is of concern."

One Mosque member told Local 12's Tiffany Wilson that he'd like to invite the email writer to the Mosque on peaceful terms so they can understand that members are not extremists. "They do not represent us and we are as scared of them as everyone else is."
For now, members are taking extra security measures. "We are Americans, we are Cincinnatians, we go to the Bengals games too and the mosque, and we are just as American as everyone else."

The mosque received two other threats in 2006-one by phone and one from a car full of men who said they would bomb the mosque.

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