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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Intifada of Graves" fights Israeli land grab - PressTV 101215

In the face of a fierce assault on their lands, Palestinians have devised a new tactic against Israeli settlers and the occupation. Called the intifada of graves, it entails burying the dead on private land or other Palestinian land that is likely to be confiscated by Israeli settlers or the Israeli army.
Residents from zeita near al Thahreya in the southern West Bank have embraced the call of Azmi Shyoukhi the secretary general of the Popular Palestinian Committees, a Palestinian grass root organization based in the city of al-Khalil (or Hebron). The Palestinian initiative advocates burying the dead on privately owned land in rural areas to prevent its confiscation by the Israelis.
In recent months the Israeli settlers, backed by the army, have targeted Palestinian villages, and vandalized or burnt their olive groves and farms.
The initiative comes a few days after the US abandoned efforts to convince Israel to partially freeze settlement construction on occupied Palestinian territories.
The new drive also urges Palestinians to bury their dead as close as possible to the separation wall built by Israel and close to settlements.
There are more than 100 settlements built on Palestinian occupied in the West Bank including East Jerusalem Al-Quds. All there settlements are illegal under international law.
The intifada of the graves exemplifies the unwavering determination of the Palestinian people to protect their land against the Israeli occupation. If anything, the move sends a clear and strong message out to the world that the resistance against the occupation will go on.

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