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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A week of International Solidarity

Sunday 26/12/2010

A week of International Solidarity Actions with the Palestinian People of Jerusalem concluded with dozens of foreign peace activists and village residents suffering from the

repressive actions of the Israeli military during weekly demonstrations.

In Bil'in about 100 hundred people, including citizens of Bil'in, International activists from the French group 'Euro Palestine', members of the Popular Committees of Bil'in and Ni'in, the Popular Resistance Movement of An Nabi Saleh, as well as representatives from the Office of International Relations of the Fatah Movement - Mr. Jamil Barghouti and Mohammad Shannan, participated in the planting of Olive trees on land targeted by Israel for Wall and settlement expansion. The event was organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and the village of Bil'in.

At 3:30 pm participants carried olive trees and farming tools in a massive march toward village land that is still threatened to be confiscated . The demonstrators planted olive trees in spite of the strong presence of the Israeli military. When people tried to plant trees close to the wall, Israeli soldiers opened fire and shot dozens of tear gas canisters in the midst of the demonstrators. This led to a violent army confrontation against the demonstrators. Tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets were used in order to intimidate the demonstrators. Several people who suffered from the effects of inhaling tear gas had to be treated in the field.

Sunday 26/12/2010

International Solidarity Week with the Palestinian People of Jerusalem:

Political Gathering Held in Bil'in

The Popular Committee Against the Wall organized a political gathering this evening in the local Council's Hall in Bil'in village. Many foreign solidarity activists attended the meeting, especially from the group 'Euro Palestine', as well as members from several West Bank Popular Committees.

Maher Ghoneim, the Popular Commitees' Minister against the Wall and Settlements, and Dr. Hossam Zomlot, representative of the Office of International Relations of the Fatah movement, spoke about the current situation and welcomed the international solidarity.

They talked about the sacrifices and suffering of Palestinian people in their struggle against the occupation, and about the resistance against it by the popular struggle of Bil'in.

In his speech Maher Ghoneim called out to Internationals and Palestinians to join the popular struggle and support the steadfast resistance of the people struggling on a daily basis against the many injustices of life under Israeli occupation. The reality of the life for Palestinian citizens in occupied Jerusalem was illustrated in a power point photo presentation.

Sunday 26/12/2010

International Solidarity Week with the Palestinian People of Jerusalem:

Demonstration Near Qalandiya Checkpoint

The Popular Committee of Qalandiya along with the support of the greater Popular Committee Against the Wall, held a large demonstration near the Qalandiya Checkpoint today. The checkpoint is the main entrance to the city of Jerusalem. It is used everyday by hundreds if not thousands of West Bank Palestinian residents en route to school, work, medical facilities, and family who live in Jerusalem.

The demonstration started at 9:30am and was attended by about 100 Palestinians and international supporters. The demonstrators marched toward the main gate, and then gained access into the area within the checkpoint that is used for inspection of people traveling to and from Jerusalem. There they were confronted by the Israeli Military, which tried to prevent them from entering. This led to violent clashes and finally resulted in the arrest of Al Mahmoud, a reporter from Al-Quds Newspaper, and nine international solidarity activists. Demonstrators sat down in front of the gate, which was closed by the army. Soldiers used tear gas in order to dissolve the demonstration

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