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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ang Mensahe Ng Islam (Tagalog) - Omar Penalbar - The Message of Islam

"In 50 years from now on Philippines will become a wholly Muslim country as it was before the Spanish Inquisition, as a result of Philippines' masses rapidly coming into the folds of Islam" said Shaykh Omar Penalbar in the seventh and final day of a seven day program aimed at non Arabic speaking Muslim and non-Muslim communities living in UAE, held as a part of the 9th Ramadan Forum , organized by Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Shaykh Penalbar said that Filipino Muslims now constitute more than 30 percentage of the Philippines population, which now stands at 95 millions, compared with 5 percent only twenty years ago, as a result of allowing Islamic scholars to preach the word of Islam at army campuses , police academies ,universities and even jails, which were not allowed before .

At the start of a lecture in his mother language Tagalog title "The message of Islam" Shaykh Penalbar said that he aims to simplify the Islamic terminology regarding the concept of Allah in Islam and to introduce Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the final and last messenger of Allah to the Filipinos, who were never exposed to the right and correct information bout Islam.

"My approach in bringing Filipinos to the fold of Islam depends not on criticizing their faith but rather introducing the right and proper information about Islam In a way that not only corrects misconceptions about Islam, but also make them feel that Salvation can solely be found within boundaries of Islam.

Shaykh Penalbar explained that there is a great deal of differences in the concepts the Five Pillars of Islam compared to other religions.

Penalbar told his audience that if they accepted Islam they would be reverting back to the original religion and true faith of their grandfathers.

Shaykh Penalbar Said it is very important for the Christian Filipinos to understand that they will not be completely discarding their religion if they accepted Islam because they can not be true Muslims unless they believe in Jesus Christ as a Messenger of Allah.

Shaykh Omar Penelbar's lecture ended with 125 non Muslims embracing Islam in one night, a new record for Dubai and Shaykh Penalbar himself.

The DTCM has organized the non-Arabic version of the 9th Ramadan Forum titled "Gathering to Succeed", for the first time as part of their efforts to bringing better understanding of the heritage and culture of Dubai. It ended on 27th August 2010 with the Pilipino night. For more information you may visit http://www.almultaqa.ae.

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