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Astaghfirallah… Bismillahi Tawakkaltu al-Allah wala haula wa la quata illa billah.---And It is Only Allah Who grants success. May Allah Exalt the mention of His slave and Messenger Muhammad, and render him, his household and companion safe from Evil.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Abduraheem Green "They Are Feasting On Us"

Thawban (radiallaahu 'anhu) related that the Messenger of Allah said: "The nations are about to call each other and set upon you, just as diners set upon food." It was said: "Will it be because of our small number that day?" He said: "Rather, on that day you will be many, but you will be like foam, like the foam on the river. And Allah will remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies and will throw wahn (weakness) into your hearts." Someone said: "O Messenger of Allah! What is Wahn?" He said: "Love of the world and the hatred for death."

[Saheeh: Related by Abu Dawud It was authenticated by al-Albaanee in as-Saheehah (no.958)]

Umar bin al-Khattab (ra) said, “If a goat tripped on the road, I would be afraid that Allah would ask me why you didn’t pave the road for her O Umar”~Umar ibn Abdul Aziz who used to cry at night due to the fear of his accountability to Allah (swt) for the “stranger, beggared and straying, and the poor and the needy, and the prisoners in captivity.”~the Khulafah did not act justly for the sake of morality or achieving some medal of honour.

“And We have revealed the Book to you as an exposition to all things, a guide, a mercy and glad tidings to Muslims."
[TMQ 16:89]

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