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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Does Allah exist? Adam Deen vs Dr. Brendan Larvor - MDI

On the 21st October, 'The Muslim Debate Initiative' is hosting an exclusive event at The London Muslim centre -- the UK's leading Mosque. For the first time, the doors of a British mosque were open to the public to critically discuss Islam, in particular the Muslim concept of God. The event has been hailed as a confirmation that the Muslim community in Britain is willing to engage in critical dialogue concerning their faith, with fellow non-Muslim citizens.

The discussion will feature:

Dr Brendan Larvor. Representing the British Humanist Association, Dr Larvor, studied philosophy and mathematics at Balliol College, Oxford, before embarking on a brief career as a systems analyst. He resumed his studies in philosophy, with an MA from Queen' s University, Ontario before returning to Balliol to write a doctoral thesis on the philosophy of mathematics of Imre Lakatos. He taught at the Universities of Liverpool and Oxford, before joining Hertfordshire in 1997.

Adam Deen. A former Islam channel presenter and Muslim philosopher who has been working in the field of Muslim apologetics for almost a decade, Adam has contributed to debates on issues ranging from religious philosophy and theology. His work draws on contemporary philosophy to defend Islam in debates. He has appeared on mainstream TV defending theism. He is also a researcher for EMRC, the European Muslim Research Centre and runs a popular blog www.adamdeen.com

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