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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fresh and Dried Dates ~Balah (Dates)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

All Praises is for Allah, Lord of the universe.Prophet Muhammad was sent as a guide, and mercy for all of mankind, and as such was given wisdom by Allah that benefits for all of mankind .

Allah says :'O Mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord, and a healing for that which is in your breast, a guidance and mercy for the believer's."(10:57).

An-Nasa'i and Ibn Majah narrated in their Sunan that 'Aishah rd, may Allah grant peace and blessing upon her, said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi waalihi wasalaam , said:

"Eat fresh dates with dried dates, for when Satan sees the son of Adam eating fresh and dried dates he comments,'The son of Adam remained until he started eating the new and the old together."

In another narration, the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasallaam, said:

"Eat fresh and dried dates, because Satan gets sad when he sees the son of Adam eating them, so he says : 'The son of Adam has lived until (now) he eats the fresh and the old together."

Some of the Muslim doctors commented, "The Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasallaam, ordered the Muslims to eat fresh and dried dates together rather than green dates with dried dates. Fresh dates are cold and dry while dried dates are hot and humid, thus neutralizing the effect of each other.On the other hand, green dates and dried dates are both hot, although the dried dates are more hot." Medically , it is better to avoid eating two types of foods that inclined towards either hotness or coolness.

The Hadith indicates that the medical profession is generally correct when it inclines towards neutralizing the effects of medications and foods with other ingredients or foods to preserve good health.

Fresh dates are cold and dry and they benefit the mouth, the gums (gingiva) and the stomach. Yet , dates are not beneficial for the chest and lungs because of their coarseness .Also, the dates are difficult to digest and are not very nutritious. The example of fresh dates is the example of unripe grapes , as both cause flatulence and bloating, especially when one drink water after eating fresh dates. To neutralize these side effects, one should eat them with dried dates, or honey and butter.

(Busr)-Green Dates

In the Sahih it is narrated that when the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi waalihi wasallam, Abu Bakr and Umar may Allah grant him peace,were guests of Abu Al-Hatham bin At-Taihan , may Allah grant him peace, he brought them a cluster of dates, which is similar to a cluster of grapes.
The Prophet , sallallahu 'alayhi waalihi wasallaam, said:
"Why do you not choose some ripe dates for us?"

Abu Al-Hatham , may Allah grant him peace, replied, "I wanted you to choose whatever you like of its green and ripe dates."

Busr (Green dates) is hot and dry, and its dryness is more than its hotness. Also , the Busr dries out excess moisture, coats the stomach, relaxes the bowels and helps the gums and the mouth.The most beneficial (green dates) is the tender and sweet Busr.Yet , eating excessive amounts of Busr (green dates) regularly causes obstructions or clogs intestines.

Tamr (Dried Dates)

In the Sahih it is narrated that the Prophet Muhammad ,sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wassalaam,said:

"Whoever ate seven dates in the morning from the area of 'Aaliyah will not be harmed by poison or magic the rest of that day."

He also said:

"The people of a house where there are no dates are hungry."

Also, the Prophet ,sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasalaam, ate dried dates with butter , with bread and alone.

Tamr is hot in the second degree and either wet or dry in the secong degree.

Dried dates strengthen the liver, relax the bowels, increase semen production, especially when taken with pine, and relieve soar throat.As for those who are not used to eating dried dates, such as the residents of cold areas, dried dates cause them clogs, harm the teeth and cause headaches, unless they are eaten with almonds and poppy.

Dried dates are among the most nutritious fruits, their essence is hot and wet . Also , when one eats dates in the beginning of the day, they help kills worms.Although dried dates are hot, yet they have strength of an antidote against worms, killing or at least decreasing their numbers , especially when dried dates are taken frequently on an empty stomach.Dried dates are a fruit , a type of food , a cure , a drink and a sweet.

Rutab (Ripe Dates)

Allah said to Mary:

"And shake the trunk of date palm towards you, it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon you.So eat and drink and be glad.And if you see any human being , say: "Verily, I have vowed a fast unto the Most Gracious (Allah ) so I shall not speak to any human being this day." (19:25,26)

Also , in the Sahihain it is narrated that 'Abdullah bin Ja'far , may Allah grant him peace, said:

"I saw the Messenger of Allah , sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasallam, eating cucumbers with ripe dates."

Abu Daud also narrated in his Sunan that Anas , may Allah grant him peace, said:

"The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasallaam, used to break his fast on some ripe dates, and if he did not have any, on dry dates. Otherwise , if he did not have dry dates, he would have several sips of water."

Ripe dates are just like water, hot and wet, and they are favourable for and strengthen the cold stomach, increase the production of semen and fertility, are suitable for cold temperaments and are very nutritious.

Ripe dates are the best types of fruit for the people of Al-Madinah specially and for all others in general where ripe dates grow. It is also a very beneficial fruit for the body, although ripe dates spoil quickly in the stomach of those who are not used to eating them and thus produce putrid blood.Also, eating excessive amounts of ripe dates cause headaches and black bile and also harms the teeth.
Oxymel (Sakanjabin) helps neutralize the irritants that accompany eating ripe dates.

When the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasallam, used to break his fast, he used to first eat ripe or dry dates, or would drink some water.This is a wise decision, because fasting empties the stomach of food. Thus the liver would not find any sufficient energy that it could transfer to the various organs. Sweets are the fastest food to reach the liver and are also favored by the liver, especially when one eats ripe dates, in which case the liver accepts it even more favorably, benefits from it and then transfer the benefits to the rest of the organs of the body. If there are no ripe dates available, one should eat dried dates because they are sweet and nutritious. Otherwise , some sips of water would extinguish the heat of the stomach and the Fast. The stomach's appetite would then increase and become ready to accept (and digest ) food.

The Prophet saw, are the only source that we can acquire knowledge as all types of knowledge depends on knowing Allah, His Commands and creation.The Prophet have the best knowledge of the wisdom behind Allah's creation and Commandments. The Messengers are those with the best minds purest ways and deepest knowledge. They are the nearest to the truth among the creation. They are the best of mankind that Allah has chosen, just as the Messenger, Muhammad , sallallahu 'alayhi waahlihi wasalaam, is the best among all the Messengers with and the wisdom and forbearing puts them in a category that does not permit comparison.Imam Ahmad narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

"You (mandkind) are seventy nations (or distict communities); you (Muslims) are the best and most honored among them to Allah."

This honor that Allah has endowed the Muslims with has appeared in their knowledge, minds, intellects and natural ways. The Muslims are the ones who searched throuh the knowledge of all other nations before them and also their wisdom, progress and their works, then added this knowledge to their own knowledge, forbearing and wisdom that Allah has endowed them with.All success comes from Allah.,May Allah forgive us for our mistakes and make us a true believers, InsyaAllah Ameen, Ameen, Ameen.

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