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Astaghfirallah… Bismillahi Tawakkaltu al-Allah wala haula wa la quata illa billah.---And It is Only Allah Who grants success. May Allah Exalt the mention of His slave and Messenger Muhammad, and render him, his household and companion safe from Evil.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh Allah, in Islam let us grow

Don't Let Us Sink!
-By Masood

In the time of ignorance, Arabia was really savage,
They were a backwards nation, their way of life was a way of ravage.

However, they were eloquent speakers, who cared for their guests,
But who cares about that, these guys buried their daughters alive in jest!

They would often drink all night and wage war all day,
They would shamelessly fornicate; it was part of their way.

Then from amongst themselves came a shining light,
Who didn't follow their ignorance, he did what was right.

He was known for his dignity and was called Amin,
Eventually he would be taught by Al-Hakeem.

He was then given the Message, and was sent to convey,
He was given the truth, he invited to the noblest way.

There were those who accepted it, and there were those who turned away,
There were those who were guided and there were those who went astray.

Tension grew between the groups as the days past by,
Muslims would be tied to the sand and left in the sun to fry.

The tension got so bad the Muslims went to Madina,
They were bringing Islam to a new arena.

The ummah was growing and the Message was spreading,
Towards justice and greatness the ummah was heading.

There were several battles, the ummah was attacked,
But nothing could stop them; they weren't going to be sacked.

The ummah was spreading against all odds,
When you're helped by Allah, danger is just a facade.

The Message was dispatched and the Messenger's life was completed,
The ummah was saddened but was nowhere near being defeated.

The most righteous men became its most righteous leaders,
And the Message of Islam was spread thousands of meters.

The ummah became the foremost of those with powers,
And the justice of Islam was spreading like wild flowers.

As our ummah was spreading across the lands,
The treasures of the world fell in our hands.

As the generations came and the generations went,
There were some changes in the ummah that we didn't prevent.

We started to see Muslims who were insincere,
Because love for the world happened to appear.

Leaders began to ignore the rules of Allah and act on desire,
They did this in hope of the treasure they wanted to acquire.

Somewhere along the line, kings started to appear,
Somewhere along the line the ummah started drinking beer.

With rage in our hearts, we were fighting each other,
With swords in our hands, we turned towards our brothers.

What happened to the ummah, where were we heading?
We ignored the Message, so corruption was spreading.

The ummah that grew and became so great,
Was losing its honor, it began to dissipate.

As the time went on, the ummah remained in trouble,
The great empire of Islam was reduced to stubble.

Now the story comes to us, the majority of whom don't even pray,
I don't even think we practice the deen nearly halfway.

Alcohol is rampant, even during the days of Ramadan,
Zena is everywhere, don't act like its not going on.

Our unity's been shattered and we've left the Quran,
We don't wake up for fajr, we wake up after dawn.

I've met 'Muslim' children, who don't even know Allah's name,
We were once great, but when we left the deen, look what we became!

We've lost our power, were the laughing stock of the nations,
Because we left the deen, we left our only foundation.

However, as a mercy from Allah, the Message was still preserved,
It was kept intact even though many of us may have swerved.

With Islam we are great, without it we are nothing,
Lets get back to this path, come on lets do something!

We have the map to greatness and Paradise too,
Whether or not you intend to use it is up to you.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,
Don't be the one that lets the whole ummah sink!

We had gone so far but then came down so low,
But lets get back up! Oh Allah, in Islam let us grow.

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