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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wise sayings of the righteous on their death beds

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq(may Allah be pleased with him)

When he was on his deathbed, Abu Bakr summoned for Umar to come to him. When the latter arrived, Abu Bakr said "indeed , i want to give you some final advice-if you will accept it from me: Indeed , Allah azza wa-jall has rights during the night, wich he does not accept during the day; and rights during the day, wich he does not accept during the night. And verily, He Azza wa-Jall does not accept voluntary acts of worship until obligatory ones are fist performed . Do you not see that those whose scales are heavy in the hereafter are heavy only because they followed the truth in the world, for doing so was heavy upon them(i.e, it required striving and effort, like an upward climb.) And it is befitting for a scale to be heavy when only truth is placed on it. Do you not see that those whose scales(i.e , scales of good deeds) are light in the hereafter are light only because they followed falsehood in the world; and doing so was light for them( i.e, easy, without strain, like descending a downward slope). And it is only befitting for a scale to be light when only falsehood is placed on it. Do you not see that Allah aza wa-jall revealed verses that inspire hope after verses that inspire terror, and verses that inspire terror after verses that inspire hope. This is so that a slave remains both hopeful (of reward) and fearful(of punishment), without taking his own life, and without hoping for anything other than the truth from Allah Azza wa-jall. If you remember and preserve (i., apply) this advice of mine, then let no matter of the unseen world be more beloved too you than death-wich, at any rate, is inevitable. And if you do not heed this advice of mine, then let no matter from the unseen world be more hateful to you than death."

Umar bin Al-Khattab

Ibn Umar said " After Umar was stabbed,(i placed his) head on my lap. He said " place my head on the ground". Thinking that that was simply restlessness on his part, i did not do as he asked. Then he said, " Place my cheak on the ground-may you have no mother! Woe upon me , and woe upon my mother , if Allah azzza wa-jall does not forgive me"

And when Umar was in the final moments of his life, Al-Mughirah bin Shu'bah said to him "congratulations to you for paradise, o leader of the belivers". Though one should not say such statments to somwone while he is healthy, it is recommended to do so when someone is dying, so as to help him have good thoughts about Allah,

"O ibn umm al-mughirah," Umar said, " And what makes you know (that i will enter paradise)? by the one who has my soul in his hand, if i possessed all that is in the east and in the west, i would have ransomed it all to be saved from the terror of the beginning (of judment day)"

Uthman bin Affan(may Allah be pleased with him)

After Uthman bin Affan was killed, his belongings were searched. Among the things that were found was a locked box. When it was tried open, a jar containing a piece of paper was found. On the piece of paper the following was written:

This is the final testament of Utham bin Affan. In the name of Allah, The most gracious, the most merciful. Uthman bin Affan bears witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone, and he has no partner; that muhammad (saw) is his slave and messenger; that paradise is a reality ; that hell is a reality; that Allah will resurrect those that are in their graves on a day regarding wich there is no doubt; and that Allah never fails in his promise. Upon this (testimony) does he
(i.e, hemself, Uthman) live, upon this does he die, and upon this will he be resurrected, In sha'Allah.

Ali bin Abu Talib(may Allah be pleased with him)

When Ali was struck with a lethal blow, he said "where is the one who struck me?"

"we have apprehended him" Someone said

"Feed him from my own food", Ali instructed . "And provide for him from my supply of drink. If i get through this alive, I will issue judgment regarding his case. But if i die, then kill him with no more than a single blow( i.e dont torture him)"

Ali then charged Al-Hasan with the duty of washing his corpse, making it clear that Al-Hasan should not be extravagant in providing him with a shroud. Ali then said , "Indeed, I heard the messenger of Allah say:

"Do not be extravagant with the shroud, for it will be quickly taken away from him(i.e, the earth tears it apart quickly)" Abu dawood 3154

And when you walk with me (i.e, carry me to the grave), walk neither fast nor slow, for if (my destination) is good , you will be hastening me towards it, but if (my destination) is evil, then at least you will have cast me from your shoulders (i.e, Freed yourselves from me)."

Sa'd bin Abu Waqqas(may Allah be pleased with him)

When sa'd ws on the verge of dying , he requested that someone should bring him a tattered, wool garment that he had been keeping safe for many years. " Enshroud me in it," he said, " For indeed , I was wearing it when i fought the disbelievers on the day of badr, and i have been saving it jut for this very day."

Mu'adh bin Jabal(may Allah be pleased with him)

When Mu'adh was about to die, he said, " O, Allah , i have feared you my entire life , yet today i am hping from you (i.e, hoping for your mercy). O Allah , you indeed know that i did not love the world for a long stay in it, for the flowing of rivers, or for the planting of trees; but rather for the thirst of the midday heat(i.e., for fasting on a hot day), for striving hours at a time (in worship), and for sitting near scholars in circles of remembrance (i.e., gatherings whering you are remembered)."

Khalid ibn Al-Waleed(may Allah be pleased with him)

When the time of Khalid ibn Al-Waleed, r.a., came to depart from the world, he said: "I reached every possible place for Shahadah, but it was written in my fate that I should die on my bed. In my opinion there is no deed more dearer than my waiting with my horse and shield in the darkness of night, the sky to be glittering due to the rain, waiting for the onset of dawn, so that I can attack the enemy."Ibn al-Mubarak in al-Jihad

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